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Where the wild things aren't [23 Dec 2009|11:47pm]
:< Not at my house.

It's boring there, so I came back here for a while. If anyone wants to hang out, drop me line.
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A blast from the past [07 Sep 2009|07:00pm]
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Everyone [07 Sep 2009|06:56pm]
: / I miss you guys.

It's really nice here out in the valley, but I still miss hanging out with everyone. Sucks more that nobody seems to use aim or anything anymore.

How is everyone doing?
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Ultima Online, Relive the memories... [07 Jun 2009|11:56am]

I know most of you haven't heard of Ultima Online, but it's my single favorite MMO, ever since I first got introduced to it back int 1998 or so. It was an early MMO that featured classless characters and a skill-based system where you could build up any combination of a set of skills rather than just mindlessly leveling up a character. That means what a character could do could be mixed and matched in any way (Magic Swordsman, Magic Chef, Chef Swordsman, Tamer Necromancer, Ninja Paladin...)
This also with handling weapons and equipment being based on strength means anyone can use any equipment (provided they have the skills to use them.)

Customization as well, including 'Dye Tubs' that allow you to dye clothes, Black Dye Tubs as a rare item, and special kinds of dye tubs for things like furniture and armor.

Events means rare items exist out there (I want Cold Blood, the ice blue Butcher's knife.) and high powered monsters means there's always a challenge, especially in "The Gauntlet" and dungeons.

Crafting skills are available and ranged from Tinkerers (mostly useless items), Tailors (clothing and leather armor), Blacksmiths (Metal armor, weapons, and furnitures...) and Carpenters (Wooden things, Furniture) amoung them.

One can build houses which even leads to some player towns sometimes and houses allow for storage, saftey, and allows you to set up vendors for items. The houses are just as insanely customizable, provided you can afford one.

All this and more in one massive, nearly seamless world that gives you lots of chances to explore and discover things.

I play on a free server called "Demise" here: http://www.uodemise.com/
If you wanna play, download the following:
(The Actual Game Client): http://www.uo.com/uoml/downloads.shtml
(The Client you play Demise through): http://www.runuo.com/razor/ (you load the game by loading this and pointing to the correct server. Details on the Demise Page)
(And finally, the out of date but ever useful UO Automap): http://www.uoam.net/

Read the guy's stories for some amusing tidbits about Murderous Barneys, Santa Claus, and a touching ending to his game experience.
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NES days... [30 Apr 2009|01:35pm]
Ren gave me the NES emulator for the DS.

Pick up and play, that's what it's all about.

As sad as it is, I find myself enjoying it far more than most of the DS games I have. Gradius (after I discovered Save States) is a real blast, and I'm getting to experience the amazing 8-bit amazement of Final Fantasy...1....when there was ONLY one. Suddenly everything in the comic makes sense now.

But yeah, it's possibly a dream come true to be playing in higher quality what used to take a 5 LB Brick of plastic, 20 minutes of blowing, a TV, and a Power outlet to manage.
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HAY KIRBOPHER, ANSWER ME THIS [30 Apr 2009|01:32pm]
I had this discussion with a friend of mine and we got into a debate over how to pronounce your handle...



He seems to think it's KirBoffer.
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By Special request of Daniel... [19 Apr 2009|03:18am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Meet Buzzasaur, who for all intents and purposes, has now been rechristianed "Furadigon (Fyer-rah-dih-gawn.). He's a really old Pokemon idea I came up with in Junior high for our fabled DnD style game, the Text Game. The concept was a misleadingly small and feeble looking lizard would become a huge, unstoppable and enraged force of destruction when provoked with even a small gust of wind...
His new look is based on the Frilled lizard and the Dilophosaurus, the famous frill neck dinosaur from Jurassic park, though he was always supposed to resemble a kind of Chinese dragon. He can fly like one through the power of the "Magnet Rise" attack. When enraged, his frill opens, but in sleeper mode, it's flat against his neck.

To see more, including rough sketches...Collapse )

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ART [14 Apr 2009|02:01am]
[ mood | amused ]

Yanmega dun' take none of yer shit.
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I am weak... [07 Apr 2009|11:24am]
[ mood | listless ]

I saw devin's post on just getting Pokemon Platinum...and then I thought "Hay, I should get Pokemon platinum."

So I got Pokemon platinum.

...and now it forces me to trade once again. WITH MSELF.

...when will I ever learn...

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For Tim's Game... [05 Apr 2009|12:32pm]
So here's a decent design for me...the Photoshop Mage who's always tired.

The laptop thingy kinda floats in front of me. I knwo the hair doesn't make much sense, being in front of the lip of the hat, so maybe you could just cover that up. I was just too lazy to fix it.
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Knex Ranting [30 Mar 2009|08:01pm]
I've managed to build most of the pieces that I used commonly for the action figures I used to construct from Knex.

One still eludes me however... the panels.

The panels are large square and triangular pieces that really never served much purpose to me in real life, but considering I get to void all physics with 3D pieces, they could be useful now, especially for wings.

I had planned on using them to create some flying robots that resemble those things from Castle in the sky. Only evil. Thing is, they appear in the first panel of the first planned comic, so urhm...I can't do anything until they're FINISHED. Awesome.

And I've been putting them off, like I put off alot of things. Seems like I always quit for a while when I hit a snag.

3D is such a pain though... I have all these fun ideas, but 3D just doesn't seem to jive with me. Why couldn't I just eat kelly's left over talent for it?

I'm also paranoid a bit because eventually the knex story would need backgrounds, my ultimate nemesis. Doing 3D alone is a tough gig, let alone scenery.
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More Knex Shit [30 Mar 2009|07:45pm]
I made another model the other day... this is tripod type thing that carries a nasty little energy cannon around with it. A good sentry type unit.
See the unitsCollapse )
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Over the hill [05 Mar 2009|11:10am]
Hey anyone, I'm 22 today
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Merry Politically Correct Holidays [24 Dec 2008|11:57am]
[ mood | merry ]

And god bless us everyone...

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If you seriously have no other idea what to get me for an XMAS gift... [22 Dec 2008|06:54pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I have one suggestion!


Go here, type the name AltairKonpaku into one of the fields (preferably the 10,000 to the 50,000 one...) and click the big black number image or hit enter.

And pay by debit or credit card. It's paypal so it's secure (used it myself.)

:p I hope everyone is having an awesome holiday.

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TURKEY DAY [27 Nov 2008|11:44am]
Hope everybody has an enjoyable Giving of Thanks Day.

Also, Ren. If you see this, I'm totally down for having you as company. You need to call back though
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Pokemon: Dice Battles Community [13 Nov 2008|08:03pm]
Check this out to view the community I made for the game. I'll be posting rules, pokemon cards, and extras here.
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Pokemon: Dice Battles [13 Nov 2008|11:11am]

Read about the Dice GameCollapse )
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Retardism: A pandemic [12 Nov 2008|01:16pm]
[ mood | ~facepalm~ ]

I don't understand it sometimes...IMVU is a fun program to use, but god the people... 89% of them are only there for online sex. 50% of those are also not the same gender as their avatar.

It seems like only a small percentile are actually capable of conscious thought. Usually my conversations with a randomly selected person are something like this:

"Hi." (2 minute gap of silence.) sexy6969 has left the chat.

On occasion, they reply back with "hi" then leave. Rarely, I get me saying "How are you?" and they reply with their name. There's rampant rudeness where people just leave without a second thought. I guess it's because I dress weirdly, which is useful because it drives off idiots not worth my time. They'll see me, assume I'm some weirdo or not interested in Cyber Sex or being krunk online, and ditch for somebody named "Sweetass9669_1990".

I've had some interesting ones. One person claimed to be a fallen angel from god and was there to smite all sinners, which included everybody but herself. Her rant was rampant with contradictions which were solved by claiming "Silence, you're a sinner and I am will cast god's judgement on you."
Another started our brilliant conversation with "SEX SEX SEX SEX."

They act like spazzing epilepsy victims sometimes, pounding out gibberish on their keyboards or repeating motions over and over with no cause or reason, and speaking to them exhibits no response that can be discerned as 'human.' I wonder if it's just the island of deranged howler monkies on PCs again. I tend to run into one of those every so often on the net. It baffles me how they're entirely incapable of understanding what I'm saying, even though we speak the same language.

This one right here though...this took the cake for the month. Try and figure this out.

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Project help needed [20 Oct 2008|09:33pm]
Come this Tuesday or Wednesday, I need as many people as I can get to play extras in one of my photoshoots.

I plan to do it outside the nearest outside gamestore. There's really nothing required other than a bit of silly acting. I appreciate any help I can get, and I'll try to get people copies when I get the chance.

Post here if you can help.
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